Colorful, bright, and powerful are the words that best describe my body of work. The portraits are strong and often look you right in the eye. The marks of the paint brush and acrylic markers that are used are often visible which adds an interesting depth to each peace when viewed up close. 

With my paintings I aspire to offer viewers a power boost through hyper-color and mood. I try to capture a certain energy with each painting, using bold and playful colours. In portrait paintings I try to show a duality of for example strength and vulnerability. This duality makes the painting very exciting for me as the artist as well as for the viewer of the work. 

My works are often part of small series of three paintings  These series are connected by theme or genre, sometimes with sub-themes or recurring elements. Much of the big paintings are painted with acrylic paints. And some of the smaller works are also done in gouache, watercolour, ink, charcoal, and oil pastels. However, acrylic paints remain my favourite medium.

To enquire about owning your own acrylic art or for any other commissions, please get in touch today. I enjoy a challenge and am hoping to work on larger and more complex works.


List of artworks


The Artist (Acrylic, 80x100 cm)

Andy Warhol (Acrylic, 80x100 cm) 

Jean-Michel Basquiat (Acrylic, 80x100 cm) 

Grace Jones (Acrylic, 80x100 cm) 

Frida Kahlo (Acrylic, 80x100 cm) 

Freddie Mercury (Acrylic, 80x100 cm) 

Commissioned painting - Focus (Acrylic, 80x100 cm)

Commissioned cityscape (Acrylic, 100x120 cm)


My Secret Project (Acrylic, 40x50 cm)

Pink Peonies with Lemons (Oil stick on paper, A3)

Hydrangeas in Striped Jar (Oil stick on paper, A3)

Moroccan Vase with Two Types of Lilies (Oil stick on paper, A3)

Charcoal portraits (on paper, A3)

Commissioned portraits (Acrylic, 70x100 cm)

Commissioned impressionist scene (Acrylic, 100x160 cm)


Empower & Positivity ( (Acrylic, acrylic pens, digital)

Balancing Earth (Acrylic)

Balancing Wind (Acrylic)

Balancing Fire (Acrylic)

Yellow flowers were planted (Acrylic, oil stick) 

Spring blossomed from North to South (Acrylic, oil stick) 

The color of kokeshi (Acrylic, oil stick) 

Colorful portrait (04) (Oil stick) 

Colorful portrait (03) (Oil stick) 

Colorful portrait (02) (Oil stick) 

Colorful portrait (01) (Oil stick) 

Paint battle and Kittens (Watercolor, ink) 


Swimming in the Ocean (Acrylic, 70x100 cm) 

Joy by the Ocean (Acrylic, 70x100 cm) 

Dancing by the Ocean (Acrylic, 70x100 cm) 

Large colorful painting number 002 (Acrylic) 

Large colorful painting number 001 (Acrylic) 

Holding hands in the roses (Watercolor, acrylic) 

Melancholy with Candle Light (Acrylic) 

Three Japanese Cranes (Mural in Buenos Aires, Argentina)

Pink Peacock (Mural in Buenos Aires, Argentina)


Cabinet of Curiosities (Acrylic) 

Cat and Cacti (Acrylic) 

Portrait of Kim (Oil stick) 

Melancholy with Street Light (Acrylic) 

Come visit me landscape (Acrylic) 

Eye sculpture / brooch (Polymer clay) 

Breakfast in the tropics (Watercolor, ink) 

Breakfast in Japan (Watercolor, ink) 

Flowers for you (Watercolor, ink) 

Fish in wrapper (Ink) 

Do you hear the thunder Portrait of Oma (Acrylic) 


Swamp Light (Watercolor, ink) 

Eye necklace (Polymer clay) 

Melancholy with Kitchen Light (Acrylic) 


Hungry cat (Acrylic) 

Creepy or Cute Squirrel (Acrylic) 

Creepy or Cute Bear (Acrylic) 

Creepy or Cute Rabbit (Acrylic) 

Moonlight (Acrylic) SOLD

Telling Cat stories (Watercolor, ink, graphite) 

La La Lobster (Acrylic) 


Red Riding Hoodie 2 (Watercolor, acrylic) 

Red Riding Hoodie 1 (Watercolor, acrylic) 

Koi in Payne's Grey (Watercolor, acrylic) 

Koi in Orange (Watercolor, acrylic) 

In the Woods Fox (Watercolor, ink) 

In the Woods Bear (Watercolor, ink) 

Cotton Candy (Watercolor, ink) 

Sailor Ship on head (Watercolor, ink) 

Exhibitions and displays


Murals in Buenos Aires

Three Japanese Cranes (Mural in Buenos Aires, Argentina)

Pink Peacock (Mural in Buenos Aires, Argentina)


Royal Academy or Arts Summer Exhibition

Exhibited artwork: Swamp Light 

Still very happy that my SWAMP LIGHT painting is surrounded by so many talented and famous