About Marleen Suzanne

Hi! I’m Marleen Suzanne, a Dutch artist based in The Hague. I was drawing a lot from an early age but never pursued a degree in fine art. Instead, I studied Trade Management in Amsterdam and in China and spent thirteen months studying, working and living in China and Hong Kong. 

I picked up the paint brush again a few years ago, and now have my own studio. In my work I explore the interaction of color, shape and material.

I tend to use a bold and playful color palette. I try to capture a certain energy with every painting. If it is a portrait then this could be something that I feel belongs to the person. 

My favorite art materials are acrylic paint and a canvas base. But I do love oil stick and I really enjoy experimenting with new materials, so sometimes I combine acrylic with oil stick, acrylic inks, gouache or water color.

I have shown work at the Royal Academy of Art in London. 

Exhibitions & displays


2 murals in Buenos Aires, Argentina 3 Birds' and 'Pink Peacock'


Royal Academy of Art Summer Exhibition, London, United Kingdom

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List of artworks


Grace Jones (Acrylic) 

Frida Kahlo (Acrylic) 

Freddie Mercury (Acrylic) 

Various commissioned paintings (Acrylic)


My Secret Project (Acrylic)

Pink Peonies with Lemons (Oil stick on paper)

Hydrangeas in Striped Jar (Oil stick on paper)

Moroccan Vase with Two Types of Lilies (Oil stick on paper)

Various portraits (Charcoal, soft pastel, oil stick)

Various commissioned paintings (Acrylic)


Empower & Positivity - Laughing ( (Acrylic, acrylic pens, digital touch-up)

Empower & Positivity - Bird ( (Acrylic, acrylic pens, digital touch-up)

Empower & Positivity - Flowers ( (Acrylic, acrylic pens, digital touch-up)

Balancing Earth (Acrylic)

Balancing Wind (Acrylic)

Balancing Fire (Acrylic)

Yellow flowers were planted (Acrylic, oil stick) 

Spring blossomed from North to South (Acrylic, oil stick) 

The color of kokeshi (Acrylic, oil stick) 

Colorful portrait number 004 (Oil stick) 

Colorful portrait number 003 (Oil stick) 

Colorful portrait number 002 (Oil stick) 

Colorful portrait number 001 (Oil stick) 

Kittens (Watercolor, ink) 


Summer Painting Swimming (Acrylic) 

Summer Painting Jumping (Acrylic) 

Summer Painting Dancing (Acrylic) 

Large colorful painting number 002 (Acrylic) 

Large colorful painting number 001 (Acrylic) 

Holding hands in the roses (Watercolor, acrylic) 

Melancholy with Candle Light (Acrylic) 

3 Birds (Mural in Buenos Aires, Argentina)

Pink Peacock (Mural in Buenos Aires, Argentina)


Cabinet of Curiosities (Acrylic) 

Cat and Cacti (Acrylic) 

Portrait of Kim (Oil stick) 

Melancholy with Street Light (Acrylic) 

Come visit me landscape (Acrylic) 

Eye sculpture / brooch (Polymer clay) 

Breakfast in the tropics (Watercolor, ink) 

Breakfast in Japan (Watercolor, ink) 

Flowers for you (Watercolor, ink) 

Fish in wrapper (Ink) 

Do you hear the thunder Portrait of Oma (Acrylic) 


Swamp Light (Watercolor, ink) 

Eye necklace (Polymer clay) 

Melancholy with Kitchen Light (Acrylic) 


Hungry cat (Acrylic) 

Creepy or Cute Squirrel (Acrylic) 

Creepy or Cute Bear (Acrylic) 

Creepy or Cute Rabbit (Acrylic) 

Moonlight (Acrylic) SOLD

Telling Cat stories (Watercolor, ink, graphite) 

La La Lobster (Acrylic) 


Red Riding Hoodie 2 (Watercolor, acrylic) 

Red Riding Hoodie 1 (Watercolor, acrylic) 

Koi in Payne's Grey (Watercolor, acrylic) 

Koi in Orange (Watercolor, acrylic) 

In the Woods Fox (Watercolor, ink) 

In the Woods Bear (Watercolor, ink) 

Cotton Candy (Watercolor, ink) 

Sailor Ship on head (Watercolor, ink) 

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