Painted portraits​

The boldness, colorful explosion, and intensity of painted portraits

A custom portrait captures a person or group of people in a certain time in their live(s) - that is timeless can last for generations. A good portrat is recognizable, adds narrative, and keeps the viewer interested. I can make hyper saturated as well as more realistic portraits. I would be happy to advise you how we can create a beautiful portrait together - about size, mood, head/bust/threequarter/full body, and elements you'd like to have incorporated in the work, such as certain jewelry/books/etc. After our conversation I will make some sketches, and we will agree on the reference photos to be used or taken. I will make a final digital design and if you are happy withthat then the painting process will begin. Usually that will take between 2 to 4 weeks, plus varnishing and making it rady to hang.

A realistic and creative portrait takes a lot of time to make and is therefore very valuable. Factors are size, number of people depicted, medium, and the level of detailin the painting/artwork. Please contact me to get a price indication that suits your prefrences.

Portraits in Charcoal ​

The drama, beauty, and intensity of charcoal drawings

The mood of a charcoal drawing is immediately very dramatic, and holds a sense of mystery and power. The contrast of light and darkness helps to tell different stories. For example, if I draw objects or people, they are usually engulfed in darkness which tells the viewer that the situation is serious. If I want the mood to be lighter, I will draw in more light and keep larger parts of nude white paper.

I love the beauty and intensity of of it. Drawing with charcoal is a delicate process, requiring a lot of focus. You have to be deliberate about how you move the irregular charcoal sticks, otherwise the drawing will turn out messy and unclear. I use a variety of techniques from loose to detailed, depending on what kind of mood I want the drawing to convey.

Narratives and landscapes ​

A personal story painted on a canvas

Besides portraits I also enjoy making landscapes and cityscapes. In the art commissions you see below, there are many personal and corporate elements incorporated in the paintings, on request of the clients, such as brand sahpes, colors, family, certain buildings, iconic locations (e.g. in a string on the wicker basket in the painting on the left), and even text. A lot is possible. Please contact me to discuss the options.