How to Commission a Unique Painting

Updated: Feb 12

Have you always wanted to commission an original painting for your home, but never knew how to go about it?

How to commission a bespoke artwork from me

I'm a professional, experienced artist with a wide range of subject knowledge. I specialize in commissioning bespoke artwork for people looking for something specific. If you are interested in obtaining a quote on your commission, please get in touch through my website.

Basic cost of a painting

My artworks are typically executed in acrylic paint, although there are many other mediums that I can use, like charcoal (you can see a few charcoal drawings on my website), spray paint, oil paint, and ink. The price of the painting depends on the final size, medium (paint or charcoal), and intricacy of the subject. A basic size for a large painting is 100 x 80 cm. Smaller and bigger works are also available. Let me know what you are looking for specifically, and I can send you an indication.

Different types of paintings

There are a number of different types of paintings, and each one is suited to a specific type of event or occasion. If you want an original painting, then I'd love to discuss this with you. I really enjoy it when a client ha specific ideas or elements that should be incorporated into the painting.

But if you're not sure what style or size of painting is appropriate for your space, then just drop me a message end we can schedule a call to discuss. I would be happy to help you with this decision and give you advice on the artwork that might best suit your needs.

Want to commission a painting from me?

Then you call fill out this form on the Contact page.

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