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About Marleen Suzanne

Colourful, clear and powerful are the words that best describe my oeuvre. The portraits are strong and often look you straight in the eye. The brushstrokes are often visible, adding interesting depth when the artworks are taken a closer look. 

With bold and playful colors I try to capture a certain energy with every painting. In portrait paintings I often also try to show a duality by, for example, capturing strength and vulnerability in an image. This duality makes the painting extra exciting. 

My works are often part of small series of three paintings. These series are linked by theme or genre, sometimes with sub-themes or recurring elements. Many of the large paintings are painted with acrylic paint. And some of the smaller works are also made in gouache, watercolor, ink, charcoal and oil pastel. However, acrylic paint remains my favorite medium.

If you are interested in purchasing a commissioned portrait or an existing work, please feel free to contact me to discuss the possibilities.


What kind of portrait would you like me to paint for you?

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